Venturer Scout Weekend, Ngaroma, 13-15 July 2012 

I arrived Friday night and called in to see Jeff at the Lions Club Lodge. It was certainly a buzz!

I had a coffee and Jeff put on the video that I had brought from 2006. It was very interesting to Jeff and

me on how much that the block had grown in 6 years.

I continued out to the camp and arrived to a deserted campsite at about 9pm. Jarred and his lady arrived

about an hour later.

The next morning people started arriving including some members from the Cossie 4WD Club who came

down to help out.

Ross took us through a drivers briefing highlighting the hazards and signing that we were present for it,

followed by a quick inspection of the vehicles. This worked well and we all knew, including visiting

clubs, our convoy rules, procedures, and what VHF channel to use.

The Venturers rocked up close to 10am and we found that we were still short on some seats so we

couldn’t take the leaders. We split into two groups and Jeff took the hardier trucks south of the camp.

I lead one group over the culvert to the top block saying that it would be easier. How wrong I was!

Things have changed a bit and although dry and it being good weather, there was still plenty of water and

mud and deep ruts.

Jono from the Cossy 4WD Club was behind me with two other cossy members following him in a Mu and

a LWB Pajero who required a bit of towing. Ian was my tail end Charlie in Jenni’s black Zuk.

I fixed up the farm Zuk (Minty) so that I could take passengers and despite it being standard with open

diffs and standard height on 30 inch tyres, it went really well with only a few ground clearance issues.

Sunday the weather closed in with heavy rain that changed the tracks and made things far more interesting

with some tracks becoming impassable.

With the weather and lack of seats we gave all of the Venturers a ride and then packed up in the rain.

It rained heavy on the way out and the road water tables worked well leaving the road without rivers down

them. Thanks to Dennis, Henery and the rest of the roading crew for their efforts as it has paid off.

Thanks to all who supported Jeff and to Jeff who yet again organised a wonderful event.

Steve K.