4x4 Wekend Camp 2011
July 2011 as told by Jeff Clarke

4x4 Weekend Camp 2011
AS reported by Jeff Clarke

On arriving on Friday afternoon, someone said “hey lets go for a quick trip just up from the camp”.
Upon entering the long water hole they were reminded of Newtons Theory (Muddy water that goes up, must come down).  So maybe the wet weather gear would have been better than regular clothes?
The Venturers did some: Archery, Mountain Biking, Abseiling and Shooting in the area around the Pureora Lodge.

They tramped to the Centre of the North Island and the top of Mt. Pureora.

Viewing platform at the top of Mt. Pureora.                                        Planking anyone?


One thing that was abundant was smiles. (Nice Bow wave Graham).

And more smiles.

After seeing the crashing, the carnage and deep water stuckage that required being winched out in the photo above. Steve W made the informed decision to do the same thing!
Again, more smiles.

Not sure what the Venturers were trying to say about my truck.

Watching a slide show of the days activities.

Some of the “Mini Moro Bar” awards being handed out to those that had earned them for something they had done.
A little cold overnight?

What you can see in this picture is Bernhard’s truck having a clutch wash.
What you can see in the picture is the sheets of ice because the water was that could.
What you can’t see in the picture is how cold Bernhard got when trying to climb in the back, he fell of and was completely submerged!
The, the, the rrride bbback ttto cccamp wwwas kkkk KOLD!
Some of the usual stuckage.

Now here’s my struggling artist impression of the “Easy” bypass of the 2 hill climbs just up from the camp. There are effectively 2 hollows that are almost impassable.
I pulled Bill’s Suzuki almost up to the top. While trying to undo the shackle at the back of my truck I thought to myself “I hope Ross doesn’t back into my truck while my head is behind it”.
Ross was going back and forth to get up the other side.
Next thing BANG, Ross did back into my truck. I leapt out of the way, only to see that when Ross took of forward again, he had hooked up with my truck and was taking it, the 3 ventures with no driver and Bill in his Suzuki with it!
Fortunately the shackle was still half done up and Ross’s truck did let go of mine while Bill put his foot on the break to stop my Safari from continuing down the hill.   
The weekend was a huge success with everyone enjoying themselves and keen to come back and do it all again next year.
Thanks to all the crew of the KC4WD for helping to make it happen.