Venturure 4x4 Weekend Short Report
17/18 July 2010 as told by Jeff Clarke

Basically we all assembled at the camp site on Saturday morning and pitched tents.

Once this was done then all the Venturers piled into the available club trucks and we were off.

Up the muddy trails to see if we could get stuck. And stuck we got.

There was ropes and winching and flying mud and sliding trucks. In all great fun.

The Venturers got actively involved in running out to hook up a tow rope to stricken trucks.

They all watched as the trucks were plucked from the muddy depths of bog holes.


Sometimes alternative roots were taken and some inventive 4 wheel driving was required.

A stop for lunch, another set of tracks and back for dinner.

Toasting marshmallows around the camp fire, playing cards and the usual raucous Venturer way went on into the night.

Next morning was a leisurely breakfast then again of for more mud-spattered adventures.


The weather was fantastic and in all the Venturers enjoyed the experience immensely.

Certificates were sent out from the club in recognition of the Venturers surviving the weekend.


Interestingly enough when we as the club go out to our favourite spot we tend to relax a fair bit with the occasional drive around the tracks.

That was kind of the attitude we took with the Venturers. We had no set or structures times and didn’t tell them when to have meals or when to go to bed. That was left up to them to manage (unless the leaders had an input?). Think the appreciated this relaxed approach as you’ll see in the comments below.


Here are some of the comments received:


Thank you very much for a great day .The venturers  said it was awsome, thanks to you and the club , I dont think you need to structure it any more as the venturers like the relaxed approach


I thought the weekend was great fun and also quite exciting like when the car went sideways, when we drove next to the bog/mudhole and the car was leaning over quite steeply
and also when we tried to make our own four wheel drive track because we got stuck in the original tracks.